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WholasaleDisasterSupplies.com is owned and operated by On Duty, Inc. located in Yucaipa, California in the United States of America and was established in 1989.The President is also the founder and inventor of the 4 in 1 Emergency Tool. He is a Retired 30+ year veteran of the Ontario Fire Department located in Southern California.On Duty knows the importance of life safety. We know that quick action is the key to any emergency. That is the reason for the On Duty® 4 in 1 Emergency Tool™... to help protect you and your family, co-workers, and others in an emergency.

The On Duty® 4 in 1 Emergency Tool™ is proudly made in the USA and provides jobs for Americans and America's Disabled.

Our mission is to help Prepare Mankind for any Disaster.


About WholesaleDisasterSupplies.com

At WholesaleDisasterSupplies.com, we offer a range of emergency kits and supplies and disaster preparedness information for you and your family, business, school, and government organization.  Our emergency kits are ready to use and fully equipped and are designed to use in your home, office, school, and car.  We have Emergency Kits designed for children and pets.Our kits are for use in the event of a disaster or emergency and contain highly reliable supplies.  Our emergency kits are made for use in the following disaster situations: earthquakes, fire, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, winter storms, wildfires, landslides, and even extreme heat conditions.  At WholesaleDisasterSupplies.com, we take your safety and security seriously and as such, we follow procedures established by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. Getting Prepared will provide you and your family members with piece of mind and security.

We offer Emergency Supplies for your environment: homes, offices, schools, and cars.  With the emergency tools on this site, you can be confident that you are prepared for emergency situations or disaster of any type.


Emergency Supplies for any Situation

At WholesaleDisasterSupplies.com, we specialize in providing emergency supplies, emergency kits, and information for emergency situations.  We offer kits for First Responders, CERT Organizations, Schools, Homes, Offices, and Pets.. In addition to kits, WholesaleDisasterSupplies.com offers you a full range of emergency preparedness supplies such as: emergency lighting equipment, communication devices, long term storage emergency food, home safety straps and fasteners and much more.  You should be able to find any emergency supplies you are looking for on this site. If it is not there, please feel free to Contact Us. At WholesaleDisasterSupplies.com, we we take emergency preparedness very seriously.


Emergency Preparedness Kits for your Office or Business

Because we have emergency kits designed for workplace safety, you can feel secure that employees work place safety has been insured, no matter how big or how small the size of the business is.  Usually, safety for the workers' is the employer's responsibility, so being ready at any time when a crisis may strike at the workplace it is of the utmost importance. Situations can include natural disasters, fires, economic emergencies, radiation; an endless number of possible emergencies .  As an employer, you want to make sure that there is a heightened sense of security in your workplace, day to day.


From the Inventor

"The On Duty® 4 in 1 Emergency Tool™ was developed out of concern for my wife and children who would be left to fend for themselves while I worked emergency duty as a Professional Firefighter after an earthquake. I wondered if, in the case of a major earthquake, my wife would be able to turn off gas and water, and be able to get to our family’s earthquake supplies. I have a deep concern for the general public’s knowledge and preparation for any disaster.

Rescue is the most important factor in any emergency. The On Duty® 4 in 1 Emergency Tool™ was designed with a wedge for prying open jammed doors or cabinets to get to trapped victims or supplies.

The rubbish claw was designed to dig through debris or structural members for the same reasons. When on a fire department emergency call, one of my first assignments is to turn off the building's water and gas to prevent additional water damage or explosion due to gas leakage. The On Duty® 4 in 1 Emergency Tool™ is designed with a wide grip and enough leverage to help the weakest person or even a child to turn the gas off. I knew that such an important tool had to be made from a special, tough, lightweight alloy that would not spark (gas leak), or rust, and be able to stand up through the worst disaster.

Since 1989, On Duty has been supplying disaster preparedness products to Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, American Red Cross, United Nations, and other Disaster Preparedness Companies. Now, we are making Disaster Preparedness Kits and Products available to the Public!

Prepare your family, friends, and others with the Disaster Preparedness Supplies from WholesaleDisasterSupplies.com!

"Help Save Life & Property" - Donald W. Culotta, Firefighter

I Chronicles 29:11-12



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